‘Writing the Song of My Life’

I led a spiritual writing class at our church through the Lenten season. I experimented with some free form songwriting. This song started as one of those and I finished it tonight after several scattered days of revisions and editting sessions. Often my songs are done in a single sitting so this is a bit new to me as well. I hope you like it!

May you feel and RECOGNIZE God moving in your life today and always!!

‘Writing the Song of My Life’

The days of my life stretch before me, Lord
Like the lines on this empty page
Help me write the song of those hours spent with You
A journey none could ever erase
The ink we use will last forever, etched upon the pages of my soul
Each moment, each decision, each Word, verse, or phrase
Each learning opportunity, another chance to raise
My voice, my song, Lord, up to you, for help, for comfort or praise
A chance to show the world each day, that I walk in Your ways

Lord, my song will be different each time I call
The words, notes, and tones will change
Since the moment I gave control to You,
My life’s been rearranged
The blessings that you have given me,
Can’t be bought or sold like commodities
I must pass them on, I’ve got to give them,
To others until my time on earth ends
My spirit will join You, when I leave this earth
Returning full circle, a total rebirth

Today another line I’ll write
Filling this life so blank, empty and white
My actions are the melody
My thoughts and words, the harmony
Let the two align in words and chords
To praise your name, my Savior. my Lord
Let your guidance, Lord, be the rhythm, the beat
Tying it all together in a way that will please
You, the king of all creation

Each year of my life, a verse will become
Full of right and wrong, full of laughter and tears
The mountains I climbed and the valleys I crawled
All make up the music of these earthly years
This symphony’s finished, composition is through
My life has been written, and I rejoin You

Each moment’s been lived, and each page has been filled
The finale will thunder, what a joy, what a thrill
As I finally see Your face

Yet the journey’s not over, my song’s not yet sung
As I serve the Master, a new song’s begun
In service, Lord, to You!

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

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