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    1. Bruce Buller says:

      I wonder about our education system and what the emphasis on STEM means for us. That;s Science, Technology, Engineering, Math in the acronym. Do we ever ask about philosophy? My history memory tells me that Socrates was asked to drink the hemlock poison because he “corrupted the youth”. He asked them to think. Not to think outside the box, but to think about the box.

      Do we even know the language of philosophy? Ontology: that which is ultimately real? I heard the term used in a MLK speech, or sermon, yesterday. Epistemology: how we know what we know. Oh, we are very direct about the scientific realism about us, but what of Spirit or that which is always beyond us in beauty, purpose, order, love? Axiology: the values which we cherish and for which we live – or Ethics; the practice of that which is coherent and whole and makes us not only the best individuals but real community.

      I wonder where we could go if philosophy were required for every growing person, or at least if every teacher had this understanding. For me, we all are teachers, and some of my best understandings have come in moments from those who did not have credentials. Like from my friend, the black bus driver who lived across the street. (I know that is not a good sentence, fix it, if you can.)

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