This website is dedicated to God and to the memory of one of God’s very special helpers, Carla Behnke.  The service celebrating Carla’s life was a key element of God’s effort to help me understand the need for this website.  The images you see here, from that time and that service, will tell you many things about this remarkable lady.  In truth, they will provide you with only small glimpses of: who she is, the things that matter most to her, how  she spent her time on earth and why she lived her life the way she did.  Pastor Nancy Wheeler Handlon told us some of the things she found special about Carla in the sermon she wrote for Carla’s memorial service.  Carla told us even more during a short message she gave at Christ United Methodist Church about a year berfore she passed away. 

Carla, I miss your smiles, your hugs, your marvelous sense of humor, Faith Friendly, singing with you, and the joy on the faces of your friends and family whenever you were with them.  You brought new meaning and insight to one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  Thanks to you, our house and my office now contain Nativity scenes year round.  You lived your words so faithfully and to this day, they continue to challenge the rest of us to do even half as well.

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