Brief Thoughts on September 11

I just read the Upper Room devotional for today.  I highly recommend that you read it.
September 11th was a day that changed my life and some of my habits. It initially just made me angry as it did so many others. Eventually it made me stop and think about all of the tragic and abusive actions that are done in God’s name under the guise of religion in its many forms, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. After 9/11, I stopped watching violence-based shows that seemed to portray this violence as normal. It is NOT and we must try to give the world that message. God is love and love can indeed conquer all. If we all share God’s love with others every day, we can and will overcome the violence that haunts our society.
The Upper Room and Inward/Outward are the two devotional sources that I read consistently.  Each emails a daily devotional message/meditation to you for free when you subscribe.  If you decide to subscribe, please consider a donation to these organizations to help them cover their operational costs.
May you feel and recognize God’s movements in your life today and always!
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