Prayer for March 28, 2012

Great and gracious God
I return today from vacation. Sometimes I do forget to breathe during the normal hustle and bustle of life. Thank you for giving me the time to get away. Thank you for giving me the knowledge that the getaway was not a waste, that it was necessary for my well-being. Thank you for using my family to help me to see that there are other things in life and that I must play all of the different roles that you have set for me. You do indeed ask us to give our all, You are so much wiser than we are and you realize what that really means. We tend to focus on what we think it means, that we must live only for you, to the exclusion of everything else. However I believe that we should give our All to You, to the benefit of everything else in our lives. There are indeed, Lord, times when you set great tasks before us. We must always remember that you will never give us a task that is too great for us to accomplish. With your help, with your strength and support, nothing is impossible. Please help me to be a worthy tool, Lord. Give me courage when my fears start to overwhelm me. Give me strength when my body starts to be weak. Give me rest and breath when I need to stop and take a break. You have provided me with many great things, oh Lord, a wonderful family that keeps me grounded and focused on making the future better than the past. You surround me with people of faith, people who, with your help, have gone further than they ever dreamed possible People who recognize that fact and who are willing to talk and share their lives and their stories with me. Help me utilize their knowledge, their beliefs, and their learnings to do what you’re asking me to do. Help me never forget that telling the story, sharing it with others is part of the task that you ask us to do. Thank you for helping Jan to remind me that the vacation wasn’t all about me. One of the greatest tasks, and gifts, that You have placed before me is to teach John, to be with him, to share my learnings. Please help me to remember to also let him be a kid. Just as I did, he will make mistakes. Just as I do, he will need time for relaxation, for enjoyment, and for recovery.

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!

March 28, 2012

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