‘The Seeds of Doubt’

This song was written two days after ‘The Answer’. My emotions had been fluctuating wildly over that short period of time. I’d known for about nine days now, what I was to do, and had the faintest of notion of what the first steps needed to be. In a way, each day, we all face the same choices I did then. God calls to be His, each and every day, will we follow or not? I choose to follow. Some days I do a better job of it than others. I choose not out of obligation or because of force but because I choose to work for God and for the greater good that is God.

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!


‘The Seeds of Doubt’

The seeds of doubt germinate quickly
They sprout and soon threaten
To take over the beds
Where yesterday only the blooms of pure optimism
Had flowered, the beauty of their petals spread

Once more I’ve awakened
My intestines in knots
Concerned with the don’ts, and the can’ts, and the nots
How could I have ever, believed for a minute
I could manage this project, even with God’s hands in it
What was I thinking, what can one man do?
I’d have to be crazy to believe God, that You
Could expect such a thing from a weak soul like me
Prone to give in so fast, give up so quickly
I crumble so rapidly when temptation calls
My life’s been a series of stumbles, fumbles and falls

Build a hospital in Guatemala?!

I’m unprepared to even talk of that task
Forgetting you’ll help me, that you will be with me, even before I ask
The seed has been planted, it’s started to grow
With your care, it’s now taking, on a life of its own
You’ve already led me, to some people who have
The gifts I am missing, the talents I lack
Pat, who’s building a hospital in Africa far
Heather, who lives today, where the Guatemalans are
Stu, an administrator, who’s worked in distant lands
These and some others, could become your great hands
How long has it been, Lord, since you put into motion
This plan I’m now glimpsing, starting to get a notion
Of what you might be calling me, to do with the rest of my life
How could I even possibly ponder it, you know I’ve a child and a wife
I think you ask too much, Lord
And yet, when I look back
This is nothing compared to the gifts, You gave me,
In the days when my life was completely off track
My Lord and my Savior, my God and my Friend
I know you’ll be with me through thick and through thin
You’ve proved it over and over, again and again
With You, there’s nothing that cannot be done
You created this world, You made the sun
How can I question anything that You do?
Lead me where you will, Lord, I’ll follow You

March 16, 2012

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