‘Help Me With My Son, John Edmund’

This rhyming prayer was written in March. At that time, as well as only yesterday, my relationship with my son wasn’t going the way I really want it to. He’s 12 now, and the life of a middle schooler can be rough. At this age, kids can tease each other mercilessly. But if your dad joins in, oblivious to the fact that this is bothering you, in front of your friends, it makes it 10 times worse. I am sorry for what happened yesterday afternoon, my son, I was only trying to have fun. I hurt you, but that is never my true intent. I love you, and always will!


May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!

‘Help Me With My Son, John Edmund’

Lord, my relationship with my son, is tempestuous most times.
I worry he’s not learning, the skills that he’ll need, to navigate through his life.
My failure to make good choices, back in the ‘bad old days’
Pushes me to compel him, sometimes screaming and yelling, to follow the straight and narrow way.
Help me to accept, Lord, help me to embrace, the wonder that is my son.
A gift from You, when I was convinced, I didn’t deserve, to ever have one.
Help me to remember, that he’s just a child, a bright and marvelous boy
Help me remember that I need to teach him, not only the rules, but how to find the joy,
That life in You can offer, marvels beyond compare
Help me be a key part, curb my anger when I start, to get so frustrated, thinking he doesn’t care.
Help me to teach the importance, of a life spent in service to You
Help me to teach him that relationships, are far more important than money and goods
Help me to show him, that I love him, this natural born leader You sent
Help me live out this prayer, while I still can be there
To love, to shelter, to teach
Help me maximize every minute, together, all of the time we will spend
Just as You do too and this always is true
I’ll love him forever. Amen.

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

Written on or around March 1, 2012

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