‘Our God’

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life today and always!


‘Our God’

Our God won’t fit in a box, though we humans do certainly try
As soon as we start, to put bounds around God, our reasoning fails, and then we wonder why
Something happens that challenges, all we think we know,
The foundation crumbles, and cracks start to show
In our churches, our faith, and our lives

God is love, God’s greater than,
Our wildest dreams, our biggest plans
Far beyond the breadth of our imaginations
God is love, God works through us
If we’ll just follow, if we’ll just trust
God will fill the world with peace and hope, God will mend our warring nations
In God, we ‘re one, why can’t we see,
God gave us life, then set us free
But we can’t picture, working altogether,
But God can, and will forever

Our God can be hard to explain, words don’t exist, to truly describe
Our God belongs to all people, all nations, not one village, one town, or one tribe
God commands us to love one another each day
Just as we are to love God in every way
Love your enemies too, God will work through you
In our churches, our faith, and our lives.

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.
Written on or around March 4, 2012.

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