‘Job Prayer’

Earlier this year, during Lent, I led a spiritual writing workshop weekly at my church. I used the book

    40 Days of Praying with My Pen

by Rachel G Hackenberg.
Following is a quote from the reading for day five. “There are days, years, and seasons sometimes, when our humanity is evident and tangible in very painful ways. Let your written prayer give voice to the aches of your body, whether are your issues are of physical health or spiritual fatigue.”. I wrote what you read below, as the response to that call.

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!


‘Job Prayer’
My job remains an ongoing ache,
Many of the days when I don’t think I can take
Another second, knowing all the other ways, I could be spending my time
Serving You, maybe making rhymes
That the world may never hear

My company works hard to be, the best at what they do
Healing people of disease, broken bodies, broken dreams
That they may not live to fulfill

At times, it’s hard to comprehend
The chains of meetings without end
Do make a difference, lead to change
Slowly alter, rearrange
The processes and procedures that we use

To heal with miracles, the ones
The mothers, daughters, husbands, sons
Who visit with hopes of being saved
Does my work really make
A difference? And what would it take
For me to know, deep in my heart
That all these hours are truly a part
Of the work that you want me to do

How do I find you, God, in each long weary day?
How can I change the empty way,
I feel as I take the path to work each morning

You ask us to pray unceasingly
But I forget continually
If I’d only stop for a word with You
When I am about to have to do
A task that seems so meaningless

Is it time for a change? I do not know
What would I do, where would I go?
Is my faith strong enough, are you asking me
To make a change, for my whole family?
Is now the time, is this the place?
I hear your call, I could never erase
The feelings, sensations of those times when
I can feel with my body, your presence again

I’m asking you, Lord, which road I should take?
Guide me Lord through every decision I make
Why faith is strong, I trust in You
Please show me your path, I know you’ll help me through
Every day. Amen.

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.
Written on or about March 5, 2012.

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