In the chaos of the world these days, I have been struggling to find words to convey my thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways that don’t alienate that who may disagree with my progressive spiritual and political views.  As I thought about this earlier this morning, I remembered a email folder named favorites where I put items from my devotional sources that really speak to me.  I receive emails from at least 4 sources every day.  Recently, I haven’t read them as faithfully as I should but maybe this idea that came to me this morning will help me to revive this habit.  I am going to start posting links to these quotes and devotional materials on a regular basis on a new section of this site called “Spiritual/Devotional Favorites”.  Since my words don’t seem to be coming to me as often now, I hope these quotes inspire all of you, as well as me, to more fully embrace the spiritual habits that help us to live in God more fully.

May you feel and recognize God moving in your life today and always!


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