Under Construction


This is a brand new site, envisioned as a place where you will find stories of ordinary people and their personal experiences with God.  The first story you will hear is mine and parts of it will be posted here soon.  In the near future, you will also soon find links to other sites where people are willing to share their encounters with the Creator.  These stories will be presented in a variety of ways from personal narratives to sermons to songs to poetry to short stories to video.

The reason this site is coming into existence now is that God has been urging me to testify to the changes in my life that are clearly evidence of the hand of God at work.  God’s insistent call for me to give witness became apparent to me during the recent Christian season of Lent.  Please understand that although I am a Christian, I believe in a God who works in imaginative and creative ways far beyond our power to understand.  I believe God is able to present God’s own existence in many ways to many different people and groups.  In addition to my own adventure with God, I also hope to post the stories of persons from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds who are willing to share their own walks with the Eternal One.

My family and I hope you will join us as we try to spread everyday testimonies of people walking through life, each “under construction” if you will, with God by their sides!  

John and Jan Lage, Jr.

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