Mission to Guatemala – Entry 1

Christmas Eve, 2010

One week from today, Jan and I will set forth on our 2010 Christmas journey.  We are going to Guatemala on a medical and construction mission trip, along with 21 others.  We consider this trip to be a part of the ministry that God asked us to during Lent 2010.  See ‘God Months’ for more details. 

We too are traveling with wise men, the doctors and nurses who will be God’s hands and provide healing to those who receive that treatment through no other avenue.  We go seeking the Christ in others as well as seeking to be Christ to others.  Each of the people traveling with us, each of those we see or hear or touch along the way are part of God’s marvelous creation.  Each one, no matter their demographics, their politics, their religion, their lifestyle or any other factor is a child of God.  Each is surrounded and nurtured by God’s amazing love.  Through God’s guidance, I now believe that this love is infinite, universal and unconditional.  No matter what we do or say, how or if we worship God, the Creator’s love is there for us.  Our lives become greatly enhanced if we recognize and acknowledge that Love.  God’s love, grace and forgiveness are given to all, saving us from our sins. 

Each of us goes bearing gifts, the talents God provided us with and the skills we have developed during our time here on earth.  We are God’s Creation but we are also to do part of the creating.  This is as God intended.  In Matthew 25, Jesus told us that whenever we are doing something to help one another, we are doing it to Him as well.  Each of those traveling with us will also receive many gifts along the way.  This gifts are likely to change each of us forever.  The idea of changing forever is a bit frightening for most of us but we have God’s assurances that God will always be there and that God will never give us more to do than we can handle, with God’s help, that is.

Each of us is following the star, God’s mission and dream for our lives.  Each destination is different, just as each person is different.  I’m convinced that these very words are a part of what God intends for me.  God gives them to me and persuades me that now is the time to write them down.  I have many other tasks to do today but I woke this morning with the key points of this message ringing in my head, demanding I write them now.  If I don’t, I may never get them back again.  So I write because I know that God is doing the asking.  It’s an amazing feeling.  Imagine a world where all of us were in tune with God’s messages and love.  It happens one person at a time and it is part of my mission here on earth to tell others about God and what he is doing for me. 

I’m going to close for now.

I wish you Merry Christmas. 

Happy Holidays to those who believe differently than I do. 


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