‘God Had Plans For Me’

This song is very autobiographical. The first night really happened, pretty much as described. The night mentioned in the second verse happened literally hundreds of times in the next ten years and the last verse describes my life since breaking alcohol’s hold on me.

‘God Had Plans For Me’

The light was on as I made my way in
But I couldn’t believe he was here
Divorce was final, hurt me like hell
Hatred filled me along with the beer
Wanted to kill him, I could have I guess
What would it have mattered, my life was a mess
God help me!

God’s hand must have taken a hold of the phone
I was so filled with hatred, and I felt all alone
My dad answered quickly, broomstick broke in my hand
I asked him to keep talking before I killed a man
Made it through that night, God had plans for me

The light was on but I wouldn’t go home
I just turned back to the bar
I ordered one more, already drunk
Drank it then made my way to the car
I slipped almost fell, I stumbled a bit
It seemed really funny I guess I was lit
Turned the key

God’s hand must have taken a hold of the wheel
I was too drunk to notice, sure that drinking would heal
The hurting inside me, deep in my broken heart
The road it kept weaving, driving wasn’t too smart
Made it through that night, God had plans for me

The light is on and God’s spirit shines through
After all these years now I see
God has been guiding, me all along
His grace and love truly set me free
I tried to ignore, ran away from God
Now I’m back on the path that Jesus first trod
God is Great!!

God’s hand has now taken a hold of my life
Though I still have some troubles and my fair share of strife
I’m guided and grounded, by the love that God gives
Excited to know that, Christ Jesus still lives
Make it through each night, God has plans for me
God is Great!

Copyright 2012 John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

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