‘You’re Calling Me, I Know’

I wrote this song/prayer on March 5, 2012. As I am just posting it now, you can tell I am a little behind on getting things posted on this site. I don’t post everything I write on the site, only those things I think are either appropriate or good enough to be here. I’m going to give you a teaser here, in the hope that some of you will subscribe to these entries or visit the site again to see what happened. God answered this prayer and the others like it that I have been praying, on April 7, 2012. I’ll try to get those posts up very soon. I’m anxious to let more people know about the new project I will be working on.

May you feel and recognize God’s hand working in your life, today and always!


‘You’re Calling Me, I Know’

Life brings pain, that’s a simple truth
Each one of us suffers, then what do we do
Some of us internalize, others lash out hard
At all those around them, a broken, dangerous shard
Of glass like the ones I’ve seen in Guatemala
Lining compound walls where richer people live
Trying to keep out the pain that’s all around them
Instead of sharing what they have and learning to forgive

Oh, Lord, it is so easy to see another’s fault
Yet we hide our own shortcomings inside an empty vault
When we won’t see, what’s happening just outside our doors
Won’t admit that we have problems, and won’t make those problems Yours
Each one of us could take on, far more than we do
if we’d only stop and pray, Lord
We might start to get a clue

This life we live’s not hopeless, no matter how we feel
You sent Your Son to teach us, that’s true yet so surreal
We can’t believe that You would do so, we ponder what it means
We try to fit it into, our fractured, broken dreams
It doesn’t fit so well, Lord, in our system of rewards
And punishments, it’s foreign, making plowshares from our swords
We fight to take what we want, yet ignore the things we need
In an empty, vicious display,
Of envy, pride, and greed

If we’d only turn to You, Lord
And accept the love You share
We might really make a difference
We might really learn to care

So few accept Your message
So few answer Your call
So few give up their treasure
And truly give their all

I’ve yet to make it happen
You’re calling me, I know
Seems I want to know the plan, Lord
before I start, before I go
Help me to live my faith, Lord
To follow where You lead
To trust You, God, to give me
All that my family needs
I want to be Your servant
Like Your obedient Son
I want to live my life, Lord
Doing things that You need done

Hear my prayer, Lord, and show me the way!

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

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