‘Speak Through Me’

The song was written March 7, 2012 as I was thinking about how I got to a place where I could write and share with others these songs and other musings. That I am doing this, simply does amaze me as I am a very logical person,

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!


‘Speak Through Me’

My thoughts escape, released it seems when I start to compose
The words I didn’t know I had, pour out and start to flow
Inspired by the hand of God
To a man of logic, it seems so odd
I simply am amazed

A reader I have always been
My books sometimes my closest friends
Transporting me beyond my means
To times and places from my dreams
The authors took me there

To outerspace or World War II
To Lincoln’s home or God, to You
There were no limits, fences, bounds
That my mind couldn’t get around
When wandering through those words

I hope my words are able to
Reach out to others, show them You
In ways that help them comprehend
Your love for them will never end
It’s all that really matters

My writing seems to fill a need
It nurtures, anchors, centers me
Reminding me you’re always here
To calm my soul, allay my fears
My needs you will provide

Speak through me, Lord, use my words
Arrange them so they will be heard
Our broken world cries out for clues
Help me to show them, Lord, that you
Will always be the answer!

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

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