‘Imagine No Malaria’

The United Methodist Church is conducting a campaign to end preventable malaria deaths. For a 10 dollar donation, you can purchase a mosquito net to help save someone’s life. Find out more here.

This song is dedicated to that effort.

May you feel and recognize God’s hand moving in your life, today and always!

‘Imagine No Malaria’

What if I told you, you could save a life
With just 10 dollars, what would that feel like
Would you call me a fool or think it could be true
Would you be moved to give, what would you do?

Imagine no malaria, imagine all that means
The gift of life for millions
All those lives and dreams
The genius, love and possibilities
How many opportunities do you receive
to change the world? Yes, it’s hard to believe

God’s given each of us the chance
To give more than a passing glance
At our fellow man today
Will you give now or turn away
The United Methodist Church is asking for your help in our ‘Imagine No Malaria’ program. Donate today. 10 dollars can save a life and help God change this world!!!

February 26, 2012

Copyright 2012. John Lage, Jr. All rights reserved.

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