Be still…and know that I am God

This verse, which I use as my primary centering phrase, seems immensely appropriate at this moment. All 4 of us, sitting in the airport in Miami, seem calm and at peace right now. The hustle and bustle to get ready is over. The successes, failures, and struggles of the past couple months are done. What we have with us today will be all that we have and truthfully, will be so much more than we need in the coming days. We will be surrounded by those who have far fewer material things and often far greater faith and trust in God than we do. We have felt so incredibly supported by those around us in so many ways. We appreciate each and every one. John Edmund has been sending photos out and receiving many replies encouraging and supporting us. Thank you for your prayers, your donations of time, money, services, and prayers! We could not be on this amazing journey that God has called us on without all of you.

So be still, join us in a moment of prayer of thanks and know that God is, and always will be.

May you feel and recognize God working in your life today and always!

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